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The truth is, Coach Liam loves basketball. Like he really loves basketball. To abruptly retire during his peak was bitter-sweet and to return to the sport after 20 years was - interesting.

When Coach Liam's younger children started playing basketball he knew he could not get excited straight away. He had been down this road with multiple extra-curriculars in the past. When the kids started to fall in love with the game of basketball, Coach Liam could not help but release the passion he had suppressed.  

For 12 months Coach Liam (and Assistant Coach Julieta) sat along the side lines discussing the deficiencies he was observing. For Coach Liam it was 'torturous' to watch his children attending every training session and game, and show no significant improvement, and that was taking both the mental and physical game into account.

"I just couldn't believe that coaches were missing certain things and I felt like I could be a great help to the basketball community."

In 2021, Coach Liam was asked to coach his daughter's club team - this was the turning point. Through customised training sessions, offering individualised training and mental training with each player, the team achieved their first win within six weeks of following Liam's  methodology.

Interest in Coach Liam and The Hoop LAB Gold Coast, took off. Parents were asking Coach Liam to train their players and players were approaching Coach Liam for tips. It was identified that there was a real need to provide aspiring players focused individualised training, even in team settings. Today, Coach Liam's methodology of The 'Assist' and The 'Starting 5' are the fundamentals of The Hoop LAB Gold Coast today.  

"I've always enjoyed teaching and I love basketball. So I figured I should be teaching what I love."

...and so The Hoop LAB Gold Coast pre-season was over and we were ready to face the challenges of starting a new business, a new 'season', a new 'play'.

The 'game changeR'

Launched in 2021 as an 'actual business', The Hoop Lab Gold Coast is the unique, Learning ADAPTIVE Basketball approach of Coach Liam; Owner and Head Coach and, Julieta Paget; Owner and Assistant Coach in 'play'.


The introduction of  Online Player Profiles  for individual mental and performance tracking accessible on our website sets The Hoop LAB Gold Coast apart. We have found that players who track their mental and physical performance see accelerated overall improvement.

Using traditional and modern techniques, The Hoop LAB Gold Coast is the solution for developing good players into great players.


The Hoop LAB Gold Coast are fortunate to have had continual growth since becoming an 'actual business' (see The 'Game Changer' above).  Our focus is on our players - ensuring the highest level of delivery of service and quality standards every session. 

The Hoop LAB Gold Coast brand is now recognisable to many players on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. The Hoop LAB Gold Coast, is where the experience and knowledge of the game of basketball is examined and shared, and then developed for each players' individual needs.


The future is bright and with the belief of continual improvement, The Hoop LAB Gold Coast team strive to continually better their products, services and programs.

Two key goals The Hoop LAB Gold Coast are focused on:

  1. To continually provide custom individualised training sessions to all Australians of all ages and skill-levels.

  2. To offer organisations (including education, NFP and private entities) cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible, tailored packages/ programs to their members. 


Our dream is to significantly contribute to the game of basketball within Australia.

our mission

Our mission is to strengthen and grow the talent pool of basketball players in Australia by providing easy and affordable customised training and development programs.

The 'Assist'

Each player receives the following:

  • 24/7 Access to Player Profile including Performance Tracker

  • Customised Training Session

  • Deficiency Identification and Focused Training

  • Existing Skills Fine Tuning

The 'Starting 5'

  1. Mindset

  2. Shooting

  3. Dribbling

  4. Defensive

  5. Offensive

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